Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages related to adoption of Solar Pumping Schemes

Low Operation costs since fuel is not needed and system run on sunlight
No dependency on erratic or expensive fuel chain supply (avoid also the risk of fuel theft) or faulty grids
Low regular maintenance requirements since solar panels and invertors have no moving parts
No pollution or noise produced
Extended lifetime (good quality solar panels are warrantied for 25yrs, invertors typically 6-8 years)
Modular solution that can be expanded easily by adding modules and other accessories


Capital costs typically higher than equivalent diesel solutions. However, systems prices are increasingly dropping
Lack of incentives for organizations to adopt better energy solutions in the field.
Inability to properly show benefits to donors and management. Some donor decisions dominated by initial investments.
System is dependent on solar radiation levels
⭕ Typically, spare parts and knowledgeable technicians are only available at capital level
Water stakeholders have not institutionalized their scattered solar expertise
The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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