Financing solar pumping schemes

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How do we integrate financing of Solar powered water systems especially to Sub- Saharan African Countries?

That is a good question with a difficult answer. We have come across different financing depending on context and other variables: basically either a donor provide full capital costs and users/owners of the system take care of O&M or the capital costs are offered to a subsidized costs to the users. When solar pumping is meant for productive activities (eg irrigation) farmers might have the option to pay after the harvest or in small monthly or quarterly payments. In some facilities, it exists the option of paying for water as a service (rather than paying for the solar equipment, with a private contractor paying and maintaining the equipment and collecting the fees). In theory and looking at the comparison in costs of a generator based water scheme vs solar, it would be many times wise that community of users save and pay for a solar system but in reality this is hard to find in low income countries.

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The Solar Hub Team
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