hybrid 2 string inverter vs panel size question.

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I am installing a hybrid solar system.

My usage is 8.2 kwh per day, a small house, everything is 220v in the house.

I will have 2760 watts of solar panels on one string facing west. 5-6 hrs of sun per day.

My 2-string hybrid inverter is 3.6kw.

It’s been suggested I get a 5kw inverter to allow for several appliances being started or run at the same time, or too much serge or usage at once for 3.6kw.

I may add 1840w’s of panels on the east side later, only if needed. I will have a 48v 200ah lithium battery backup.

My concern or question  is if my panels are so much less than my 5kw inverter will I be less efficient with a 5kw vs a 3.6 inverter. Can a 3.6kw hybrid inverter transfer power from the grid or batteries for a short time to handle the daytime surge if needed. I am trying to find the 1 second serge rating for my 3.6 inverter as its not listed. It a Deye 3.6kw inverter.

Thank you in advance, Jay



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The Solar Hub Team
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