Maintenance cost of solar pumping schemes

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In your cost analysis, did you consider the maintenance cost of systems knowing that in remote areas people do not have the skills? How do you manage that because it could help to increase the lifespan of systems and empower local communities especially youth?

There are different kind of maintenance that a solar water pumping system requires. The routine maintenance (eg cleaning the panels regularly and others) can be easily done by the users if briefly trained cause it needs little skills. Other more specialized maintenance (preventive and repairs) have to be done by specialized technicians as it requires skills that can not be provided with a short training to community members without proper and solid technical background. Having those technicians (normally based at capital level) have a cost that we did estimate and include in the cost analysis.

When it comes to the maintenance of a generator, we based our calculation in conservative estimations provided by manufacturers (you can find those within the Cost analysis tool at

You can find more on maintenance in chapter 11 or this book at

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