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I have a small solar installation as below for my home, to reduce use of power from provider:

3 x 100w solar panel (serial – +to+to+ & -to-to-) + & – to control unit + & – respectively)

Control unit to prevent reverse flow of power

Connection from control unit directly to storage inverter battery terminal

Battery has also connection coming from inverter (so, two connections on + & – terminals from control unit and inverter.

I switch off power (manually) from utility provider to the battery in morning, so I use battery power thru inverter for my lighting & fans during day time.

I switch on utility provider power to the battery in evening, so battery recharging runs for couple of hours.

I think this is a very basic set up. I wish to know if there is any deficiency here and if so, remedial measures.











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The Solar Hub Team
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