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I am prepping to click approve on a plan for a solar system provided by Tesla & need help making sure it is the right solution for my needs…


  • Solar solution can run everything in the house without a priority breaker panel in the event of an power outage
  • If a panel fails in a group the loss has a limited impact within the group/side & overall collection
  • Uptime for at least a week (optimal sun)
  • Less than 1.2 AC/DC Ratio

System Specs:

  • House:
    • Dual 220 Power Ins
    • 2 Main Breaker Panels (1 ofr each: 220 / 110)
    • Southern Panel Location: Zero Shade / Optimal for solar collection
  • Solar:
    • 2 Centralized / String Inverters (PowerWall+ built in solution)
    • Dual MPPT (per Inverter)
    • 41 Total Solar Panels (400W)
    • 16.4kW / 25,631 kWh /yr (advertised) (real: 15.2kWh?)
    • 54kWH Energy Storage System (4 PowerWalls)
    • Side A: 110V Main: 20 Panels + 2 PowerWalls+
    • Side B: 220V Main: 21 Panels + 2 PowerWalls+


Inverter 1 –> 110V Main (Side A)

  • MPPT 1-1: 2×5 Solar Panel Group
  • MPPT 1-1: 2×5 Solar Panel Group (not sure why they aren’t using the 2nd MPPT port)

Inverter 2 –> 220V Main (Side B)

  • MPPT 1-1: 1×9 Solar Panel Group
  • MPPT 1-2: 2×6 Solar Panel Group

Energy Collection:

  • Both Inverters are capped at 7.6kWH
    • SIDE A:  (20 panels) = 8000W (400W clipped loss? at peak sun)
      • 1.05 DC/AC Ratio (I think)
    • SIDE B: (21 panels) = 8400W (800w clipped loss? at peak sun)
      • 1.2 DC/AC Ratio (I think)

Hopefully I gave enough (& the right) details to gain feedback / commentary if my needs are going to be met.  Also willing to receive feedback if there is anything else I should ask from Tesla before clicking approve.  I’m not sure about the Side A single MPPT, but that is how I read the plan…  Feels like they are trying to save on wire or cost cut the system.  In my plan they say I have 4 MPPTs, but they are clearly only using 3.  Tesla is adamant that is what is best for my situation for performance.  I care about getting the most possible energy collection with least amount of clipping as possible & the most resilient solution (e.g. panel failure in a group) possible.  Thanks in advance!  All advice welcome.

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The Solar Hub Team
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