Solar water projects in Mozambique and Angola

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hello, this is Pierre Fourcassie, UNICEF.

I am in Mozambique at the moment and i was wondering if you could share any documents on PV water pumping project in this country -or Angola. Documents could be evaluations, documented good/bad practices, analysis, site visits, technical project documentations, suppliers, etc… – in any language.

my email is

many thanks in advance, this will be helpful as we are reviewing the progress and issues of some of our rural water supply projects in the North.




Dear Pierre,

Apologies for the long delay in coming back to you on this, due to the fact that this webpage is work in progress and we are still adjusting parameters.

To answer your question, which we guess is not relevant any more, we don’t have anything specific to Angola and Mozambique at this moment. For future occasions you can use the search engine of the webpage, as we keep populating it with resources coming from different WASH actors.

As a suggestion for future queries, keep our ancient Helpline email ( in mind, which will be functional till we are sure and certain that the webpage Helpline works as it should.


Again apologies for this and best wishes

GLOSWI team.

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