Cost analysis Solar vs Generator and Solar vs Hybrid

Access a French version of the analysis tool here Cost analysis Generator vs Hybrid-fr

This tool is intended to be used in order to compare the costs of buying, running and servicing a water scheme with a diesel generator vs anĀ  equivalent Hybrid (Solar+ Generator) pumping solution.

  • Costs are estimated for a period of 25 years (lifespan of solar panels, the longest of all components).
  • Costs that are common for both systems (e.g. salary of a guard for the water scheme) have been taken out, since they would have no impact in the cost comparisons analysis.
  • Costs are calculated including pumping equipment (pump, generator, solar panels, invertor and accessories).
  • By adding additional columns, other costs could be included in the analysis if necessary. Before proceeding to use the tool, read the Word document ‘Technical Briefing – Economic Assessment’, where principles of Net Present Value analysis are explained.
The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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