Installation Control Checklist – Solar Pumping

Download a French version here: Installation control checklist-fr

In order to get a good quality solar pumping installation, monitoring the field work carried out by the private contractor selected is of paramount importance. It is therefore strongly recommended to WASH officers to follow up as much as possible the below list of actions.

Introduction: 4 steps

  1. Check the references of all components of the system to ensure that the installed components are those provided in the design.
  2. Check orientation and the inclination of the panels, and shadow on the Solar PV generator. The orientation and inclination values must be close enough to those that were determined during calculations sizing. The acceptable variations will be less than 5 ° for the inclination and 15 ° with respect to the geographic North- South orientation.
  3. Check the cleanliness and protection of the wiring, and its compliance with the standards.
  4. Finally inspect civil works (castle, basin, trough, fixing the solar supports …), piping, valves and all other important elements that can compromise the sound operation of the system.

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The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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