Large Submersible Solar Pump kit

The Large Submersible Solar Pump Kit is a 7.5kW pump set made up of pump end, motor, controller and accessories, and designed to give maximum flexibility according to borehole yield, daily water demand and available solar energy. The solar power requirement will be determined according to available solar energy (irradiation) as well as required flow and head.

The pump is fitted with a non-return valve on its outlet to prevent water from flowing back into the borehole when pump is switched off; nevertheless, it is recommended that an additional non- return valve be installed on the surface delivery pipe as default especially on long pipelines.

To ensure borehole sustainability and avert pump failure due to over pumping, the pumped output should not exceed 70% of the tested borehole yield, in other words if the borehole yield is 10m3/hr, the maximum abstraction will be 7m3/hr

For a solar scheme the size of the storage tank should be determined by the daily demand and should be large enough to store as much water as possible during sun hours. A tank that is at least 1.5 – 3 times the daily demand is recommended. Areas that have significant seasonal variations in irradiation (due to weather) the tank would be greater than in areas where there is less variation.

The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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