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Popular measures to avoid solar panel theft and vandalism: A Technical Brief

The solar team has put together a list of measures observed in different interventions, that implementers can adopt to secure solar modules from theft and vandalism. Please click here to access and download a technical brief with these measures.

Solar pumping training statistics: Countries and Organizations

Many of you have  taken part in the trainings offered by the SolarHub which has built the capacity and confidence of engineers to adopt solar in their water supply projects.

Since 2016, 31 different training sessions have been conducted by the solar team and other academic partners, which have reached 1003 individuals from across all six continents, 37 countries and 226 unique organizations.

Additional information on the training statistics and summary figures can be found by clicking here

Upcoming Solar training opportunities for you and your teams: Online & Onsite

If you have not attended training on Solar Powered systems, you still can by either of the following ways:

  • Onsite/face to face training is available through our academic partner in Kenya: the Strathmore Energy Research Centre. More information can be found here
  • Online training at the Polytechnic University of Valencia through this link
  • 20 scholarships are available for the UPV solar pumping online course. Details are on this link

Should you have any query concerning training or anything related to solar powered water systems, please let us know by posting your query here

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The Solar Hub Team
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