Newsletter October 2021

Solar Powered Water Systems: Technical & training updates

Measures to select good quality solar panels

The reliability of solarized water services is put to jeopardy when solar panels are of low quality or damaged. The solar team has put together a list of measures to ensure selection of good quality panels and avoid the use of counterfeit or damaged ones. Please click here to access a TECHNICAL BRIEF & VIDEO

Using Lithium Ion batteries and panels for water pumping

Testing of Lithium Ion batteries coupled to solar panels to power pumps was carried out. The use of these batteries could soon represent a viable alternative to generators in hybrid systems. Find conclusions of our first test in these two research articles

Upcoming solar pumping training opportunities

If you are looking for a training on Solar Powered Water Systems, check out the
below options:

  • Onsite/face to face training is available through our academic partner in Kenya: the
    Strathmore Energy Research Centre. More information, find here
  • Online training at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, click here
  • Upcoming country trainings in Yemen and Myanmar

Looking for training related opportunities for your team or country? Contact us for registration at

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The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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