O&M Toolkit for Communities: Solar Powered Water Supply Systems

Download a French version here: O&M Toolkit for Communities-fr

Installation. This section of the toolkit outlines the things that community users should look out for during the set-up of solar-water pumping systems. Committee members and scheme operators are encouraged to work with system installers and donating agencies to ensure the five measures below are adhered to.

Operation & Maintenance. This section of the toolkit details the steps that the scheme operator and the water point committee members should to take to ensure that the system is running efficiently.

Financial Management. This section details the prices of various solar powered water system components and demonstrates why water point leadership must ensure that they are collecting and saving water fees. Failure to collect adequate money from the community will mean that if a system component fails the committee will be unable to replace it resulting in extended periods of non-functionality (no water access).

Checklist and Important Numbers. This section highlights the required documents and necessary numbers that scheme operators and committee members MUST maintain.

The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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