Solar pumping for water supply: harnessing the power of the Sun

‘This book is a truly fantastic “one stop shop” for all solar water pumping needs; it covers examples from humanitarian and developments across the entire globe and deals with both simple and easy-to-follow rules of thumb and also extremely detailed design parameters. There is no other book on solar water pumping with the breadth and depth that this one covers in such a practical and down-to-earth way. It’s an essential reading and reference book for anybody designing and installing solar water systems.’

Andy Bastable, Head of Water & Sanitation, Oxfam

‘Solar Pumping for Water Supply is an excellent book that brings together a perfect merger of the theory and practice of the subject matter. It provides a clear road map from the project conceptualisation, its design, imple- mentation including the social impact of such projects. With engineering formulae and photographic illustrations it goes to provide excellent examples of how to and how not to do Solar pumping water supplies, with cases drawn from across Africa and Asia. I highly recommend the book for practitioners and learners of water supply and solar renewable energy as it provides the fusion of the two disciplines to deliver the scare water resources in the most economical manner.’

Dr MAS Waweru, Managing Director Davis & Shirtliff Ltd

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The Solar Hub Team
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