Solar Water Pumping Guidelines – UGANDA WASH Sector

The Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda has embraced the use of solar energy as
alternative technology to deliver water supply services for both domestic and water
for production. This reflects a major shift from the use of diesel/fuel powered pumps
to solar water supply systems. This move is in tandem with the global transformation
from the use of fossil fuels to cleaner energy technologies as a means to reduce on
global warming.

It is envisaged that this Solar Powered Water Systems Design Manual will
contribute to strengthening the capacity of sector professionals in design, installation
and operation and maintenance of solar water supply systems.

The manual is divided into 6 main sections. Section 1 covers the introduction to the solar water pumping. Section 2 covers water sources; Section 3 solar water pumping; Section 4, Solar Hybrid Water Pumping; Section 5 Water storage, transmission and Distributions and Section 6: Solar Operation and Maintenance.

The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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