Solar Water Pumping Systems – Onsite training

Courses Offered

  • T1 T2 Solar PV Training
  • T3 Solar PV Training
  • Minigrid courses
  • Solar Water Pumping Training
  • Energy Efficiency courses ( CEM, Factory Operators, Energy Management..)

Training Facilities: The 600KW System

  • Grid tie system which was commissioned in mid 2014
  • Primary objective is to reduce dependence from the grid with export to grid during period of low demand
  • Module level monitoring using which can be done online

Training Facilities: Installed Systems and Kits

  • System: A hybrid 17.5 kWp Solar PV – Grid Tie with Battery and Genset Backup
  • System: A 2 kWp Solar PV Backup System with Battery and Grid Backup

SERC Solar Testing Lab

  • Started in 2014
  • The Laboratory implements IEC 62257-9-5 and some of the referenced standards
  • Components tested are:
  • Solar PV Modules, Charge Controllers, Batteries, Luminaires
  • Our aim is to improve adoption of solar through improving access to good quality products

Who are our target participants?

  • Government officials
  • Development organisations
  • Farmers or intermediaries
  • Professionals – technical and non- technical

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Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya


Solar Water Pumping Training

The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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