Charging two different batteries simultaneously

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Hi. My solar system comprises 24 x 330w panels. Two 100A Microcare MPPT,’s and a 8kw Microcare inverter. I further have a 7.4 SolarMd battery. Two days ago I had a second 12kWh battery installed which now only charges up to 66%. It seems that as soon as the 7.4 battery is full then the inverter goes into float mode which is then insufficient to charge the larger battery.

My question is as follows: Can the two seperate MPPT’S be used to charge the batteries seperately¬† and then discharge simultaneously at night.

I have invested a great deal of money in this new battery and it seems an awful waste to have it only charge up to 66% each day. (The solarMd battery unfortunately has no comms port only RS 485)

Thank you for your expertise.




The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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