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Regular updates from the Solar Hub

Is there any ways to receive updates from you, e.g. a newsletter or follow you on social media to receive updates?
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Are there good quality alternatives to Grundfos and Lorentz

Hi, these two brands propose long-lasting and quality borehole PV pumps, equipped with controls and protections. Are there less expensive alternatives to these pumps and to your knowlege was there a comparative studies on solar pumps -reliability, lifespan, value for money … etc. many thanks p
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Solar water projects in Mozambique and Angola

hello, this is Pierre Fourcassie, UNICEF. I am in Mozambique at the moment and i was wondering if you could share any documents on PV water pumping project in this country -or Angola. Documents could be evaluations, documented good/bad practices, analysis, site visits, technical project documentations, suppliers, etc… –...
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Costs included in generatos vs solar pumping comparisions

In your cost comparisons of solar vs generator pumping schemes, is drilling of borehole included in the calculation?
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Breakeven periods generator vs solar pumping

In your life cycle cost analysis , what the justification on the difference on the break even period for different countries? why is just 1 year in Uganda and 5.1 years in Iraq?
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Maintenance cost of solar pumping schemes

In your cost analysis, did you consider the maintenance cost of systems knowing that in remote areas people do not have the skills? How do you manage that because it could help to increase the lifespan of systems and empower local communities especially youth?
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Life time of components

What is the life time for solar pump and system invertor?
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Financing solar pumping schemes

How do we integrate financing of Solar powered water systems especially to Sub- Saharan African Countries?
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Prices of solar for cost analysis

In your Life Cycle Cost Analysis, usually the exact cost of equipment, maintenance and repair costs are lacking in developing country so how you exactly calculated LCC or you take the estimate.
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One Pump Controller for Multiple Pumps

Could a pump controller and/or inverter be sized large so it will be connected to power (or operate) multiple (submersible borewell) pumps?    
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Is it the capital cost of solar still too expensive

Especially when compared to equivalent diesel-based solutions? Thank you.
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The Solar Hub Team
The Solar Hub Team
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