Webinar on Solar Powered Water Systems (SPWS) in Humanitarian Context – Towards More Sustainable and Efficient SPWS

This webinar, last in the four-part series, will discuss the operation and maintenance of solar pumps for long-term sustainability, particularly in the humanitarian context. The first presentation will highlight the factors affecting pumping efficiency and energy loss. The second presentation from IOM will introduce O&M concepts and a case study on solar pumping operation and monitoring from Bangladesh. Lastly, Eternalsun Spire will present the different criteria for choosing good quality solar panels. 

The four-part series, “Capacity Building and Learning on Solar Powered Water Systems” is organized jointly by the Global Solar and Water Initiative project with funding from USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) and energypedia. This series will focus on solar powered water systems to raise awareness and to build the technical capacity of humanitarian WASH actors and other development organizations.

Find webinar recording here

Find here presentations from UPV, IOM (I)IOM (II)Eternalsun Spire

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Read more: https://energypedia.info/wiki/Capacity_Building_and_Learning_on_Solar_Powered_Water_Systems

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